Dinaline Holding limited


Dinaline provides consulting services in various areas to businesses, that are part of the TECHIIA holding, and to third party companies. We specialize in the design of business concepts for the development of existing and new business, and also in marketing strategies and tactics.


Dinaline analyses projects and offers concepts for effective business development: whether it is an existing business or a new one within the holding, or a third party company.

We provide a range of marketing communications:

  • competitive intelligence and market research;
  • media monitoring;
  • development of marketing and integrated communication strategies;
  • development of marketing communication plans;
  • brand concept development;
  • development of concepts of advertising materials of any type — outdoor advertising, printed matter or merchandise;
  • support of production of visual (video and photo) and audio products;
  • development of websites and social media pages;
  • analysis of the possibility of sponsorship for various projects, businesses, according to target audience and geographical location;
  • placement of promotional and informational materials through various communication channels: television, radio, online resources;
  • setting up a permanent activity analysis.


We will provide a communications mix to create an image and maintain the reputation of TECHIIA's companies and third party customers:

  • analysis of the public area;
  • media monitoring;
  • communication strategy development;
  • development of crisis communications strategies;
  • media communication services;
  • organization of special events of various scales;
  • setting up search engine output by keywords on the Internet;
  • content writing.

Dinaline is part of the TECHIIA holding.